Marbury founds his new home

Finally, after having some issues with the Knicks and Coach D’Antoni, point guard Stephon Marbury was signed by the Boston Celtics last February 27 after being waived by the Knicks last Tuesday. And he was quickly send of to the playing field against the Pacers. They win, 104-99.

Here’s the recap…

Yep… You saw it, he’ wearing the number 8 which was the number of former Celtic Antoine Walker, though I really don’t know

Stephon Marbury debut as a Celtic

the significance of it and will it be his permanent number in the Celtics.

Marbury finish off with 8 points and 3 assists under 13 minutes of action in his first game as a Celtic and his first game ever this regular season.
Well it’s a good thing they sign Marbury even with the bad things that has happened to him with the Knicks, I mean the Celtics badly need a backup point guard to Rondo after trading Cassell and Gabe Pruitt isn’t enough and had seen a little problem after having some issues with drunk driving. Eddie House, whose been the lone 6th man guard for them is much more comfortable playing as a shooting guard and Tony Allen as a guard-forward.

And now that they are still on a championship run, the Celtics are now ready to face those who critizise them that they lack depth well let’s see if  Stephon  can step up to his given role as their primary 6th man.


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